Industry Analysis Where it all starts We will immerse ourselves in your industry and understand your market place before we subsequently optimise your campaign. Our strategy considers how the big players in your industry leverage the power of the internet, and using this vital information to help us tailor something bespoke. Such considerations are not just limited to traffic generation but also considers how brands should be portrayed in different industries. Web Presence Audit Understanding where you’re at There are plenty of technical considerations that favour both user experience and search engines. For example, having a responsive website is mandatory these days if you’re looking to secure your digital presence. As such, we will consider your site under different devices, evaluating where you’re at currently before any further work is undertaken. Your CMS (if applicable) will also be considered – it’s critical for us to understand the flexibility of the framework we’re operating in to avoid any costly, fundamental changes. Keyword Research Where attention to detail matters We will research keywords that are relevant to your industry, reflecting partly on the research undertaken during our competitive analysis. The importance of finding quality keywords is fundamental before any subsequent optimisation can proceed. Applying the Parento principle to online marketing will reveal that 20% of your keywords will generate 80% of your revenue; hence it goes without saying that any research towards this will be comprehensive. We consider metrics including search volume, relevance, competition and seasonality. Content Strategy Optimise your site for conversions. After establishing the best keywords for your campaign, we will audit your website and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Our objective is to determine the placement of your keywords in order to drive convertible traffic to those landing pages. Doing so has two advantages. It delivers search engines what they’re ultimately seeking; relevant results. Moreover, allowing users to land on pages that are relevant to their query ensures optimum conversion rates. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is just as important as driving traffic. Onsite Optimisation Make your website search engine friendly Onsite optimisation is very technical at its core and its executions are necessary to allow search engine spiders to crawl your website with maximum efficiency. Spiders are sent out by search engines to probe websites for their content. Being able to assist them in assimilating conent is a prerequisite if you're looking to optimise your website. As you’d expect, spiders are limited in their capacity, which is why there are plenty of factors we need to address to help them on their mission. This includes factors like robots.txt, Sitemaps, Canonicals, 301s, Alt Tags, Meta Titles & Description to name a few. Offsite Optimisation Lift your website off the ground Once we have a website that is geared better for users and search engines alike, we can start generating targeted traffic to your website. Several strategies may be deployed at this stage, whether it’d be a paid search campaign (PPC) or link acquisition that will increase your visibility in organic search results (SEO). Inevitably, all these digital marketing disciplines have a common denominator - your website. The onsite and content strategies involved in increasing quality score through PPC are actually synonymous with the strategies used in delivering a great SEO landing page – which in fact are all tied to a great user experience. Refine & Management Getting it just right We will work closely with you and utilise various sophisticated proprietary tools to monitor the progress of your campaign, benchmarking success against the goals that were initially laid out during our proposal. Your campaign can only continue to grow as we continue to build more data and measure user experience accurately. A practical example of this happens in PPC. Over time it becomes easier to predict when a user is more likely to convert (e.g. week days between 2pm-6pm) and so we can bid marginally higher during those time knowing this.

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