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Hotcourses Group
Project Description

Hotcourses runs one of the world’s largest network of websites for students looking to study both in the domestic and international markets. I was introduced to the company as their Head of SEO and was further promoted in the first month to take ownership of their Paid channels. This had proven to be very valuable as any data that was audited in the interests of SEO was also further used to tailor the company’s paid search strategy.

My main responsibilities for the Hotcourses Group have included:

  • Managing and leading the SEO strategy across the Hotcourses Group network of websites, which reaches over 30 million users every year
  • Restructuring the Hotcourses Abroad PPC campaign, which led to reducing CPA by over 42% in two months
  • Making improvements across a series of clients campaigns who have opted for the company’s Insight-Led Retargeting & Prospecting
  • Working closely with the Commercial Director in offsite proposals to pitch to prospective clients
  • Analytic Reports detailing what type of audiences convert and suggesting improvements to user experience based on data scrutiny
  • Redesigning and making structural changes the Hotcourses Group umbrella website
  • Training & Management of small and large teams in the best digital marketing practices
Project Details
ClientHotcourses Group